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Deborah Hutton: 'I'm happier than ever'

Deborah Hutton
Speaking to The Weekly as part of her new role as an ambassador for the NRMA’s Living Well Navigator, the 52-year-old media personality said she was embracing life's opportunities.
"This is who I am and I like me," she tells The Weekly.
"Generations ago when you were in your 50's you were considered old. Now 50 is not old; 60 is not old; 70 is not old! We're living longer and our perspectives have changed."
Deborah is just one of many men and women over the age of 50 that are the happiest they've ever been.
The inaugural Living Well Navigator survey of more than 1600 people found that one-third over the age of 50 in NSW are enjoying life more than ever, while just 17 per cent of Generation X (those aged between 38 and 49 years) said the same.
"You're active, you're the smartest you've ever been, you're wiser and you want to remain engaged," says Deborah.
"We have a greater appreciation of life and are very proactive with our health.
"We feel younger, we look younger and are younger in mind."
The Living Well Navigator is an online resource and social community for older Australians that provides advice on a range of topics, including health and wellbeing, travelling and independent and supported living.
"There are not many valuable resources that point us in the right direction like NRMA’s Living Well Navigator," says Deborah. "It allows you to focus on you."
Since posing naked on The Australian Women's Weekly cover in January 2012, Deborah has continued to put her passion of living a healthy and active lifestyle into practice.
Deborah last year and (right) on the cover of The Weekly's January 2012 issue.
Deborah last year and (right) on the cover of The Weekly's January 2012 issue.
Deborah last year and (right) on the cover of The Weekly's January 2012 issue.
Two years ago, the former model and Channel 9 host launched Balance by Deborah Hutton – a program that brings together a team of expert coaches to help unlock the key to a successful and happier life.
She says the business is about finding the balance in life and is booming, particularly among women who are going through career and family changes.
"I call it me-o-pause," she says. "Whatever you want to do, this is the time to do it.
"There are a lot more opportunities now. It's exciting."

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