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Dear me: Lisa Wilkinson's letter to herself at 16

Lisa Wilkinson has shared a flashback photo to the 90s of when she was editor of CLEO Magazine. Here she writes for The Weekly about what life lessons she wish she knew at 16.

Lisa Wilkinson today, and as a teenaged school girl.
Imagine if you could whisper in the ear of your teenage self. What advice might you have shared? TV presenter Lisa Wilkinson shares her letter.
It hasn't been easy lately, has it? In fact, it's been three long years since the bullying started and I know better than anyone how many tears you've shed.
I also know how relieved you are on this, your 16th birthday, that school has broken up for the Christmas holidays, liberating you from that handful of girls who have made your life hell.
Lisa Wilkinson shared this picture of her CLEO days in the 90s.
Yes, it does seem strange that not one of them has told you what it is you've done to anger them, but that is the point really.
There is no reason and their actions have very little to do with your imperfections … and everything to do with their problems.
Yet here is the amazing thing — you.
One day, when you least expect it, some of them will track you down for a different reason. To apologise.
They will be grown women with children of their own, living in fear that others will do to their kids what they did to you.
You will be surprised by your calm when this happens. And your understanding that you have left it all behind. They perhaps might not.
I know that a career seems like a giant question mark right now. Air hostess? Teacher? Secretary? Journalist? I have good news, but you will have to work hard.
When opportunity comes your way, recognise it, back yourself and run with it. When others see promise in you, believe it. It's then that you will fly.
There will come a rainy Thursday in a few years' time when Mum will tell you to pull your head out of the pages of Dolly and go and grab The Sydney Morning Herald to see if there is a job with your name on it.
I really don't want to say too much, as that would spoil the surprises in store, but at least know the well-thumbed Dolly copies under your bed Mum keeps telling you to throw out? Maybe don't, just yet.
I know Saturdays can be a little quiet at home when the whole family heads off to the rugby and your two brothers take to the field.
I know you wonder, with four of your girlfriends dating guys in the team (as you stay at home playing, yet again, Janis Ian's 'At Seventeen'), whether you should, too.
Resist. Eventually, rugby will find you. And so will love. In a very different way than you could imagine. Even though Dad might not be there when it happens, he will have a hand in it. You will know the moment. And you will smile, sure in that knowledge.
When it comes to boys, try not to lose "you" when you love. Scratch that … I want you to know what that feels like so you know not to do it again.
But, yes, there will be one and, before you know it, a family, walking life's path with you; a family you'll love more than you can possibly imagine loving anything.
Lisa, it is all going to work out. You won't be a stranger to tough times, though.
Sometimes, you'll wonder if you need your head read over some of the challenges you take on. You will know sadness, fears and disappointments, too. But from where I sit, I wouldn't change a single second of what lies ahead.
No regrets. Ever. No one could ask for more.
Hugs, your older self,

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