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David Warner bids his family an emotional farewell as he is forced to separate from them again

''I’m going to miss you all soo much.''

By Faye Couros
Australian cricketer David Warner has once again had to separate from his family after spending weeks in lockdown together.
The athlete has penned an emotional message dedicated to his wife Candice Warner and their three daughters, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose, who he has had to leave for work commitments as the cricket season begins.
On his Instagram, the 34-year-old shared a slew of pictures of his family, which he paired with a heartfelt caption.
He wrote, "I'm going to miss you all soo much. It's been such a great time at home with the family, and now it's back to work."
He also noted that although being home was a dream, he didn't make for the best stand-in teacher during the lockdown.
"I must admit homeschooling was not my greatest strength but being a dad, and I was pretty good."
David devoted the rest of his post to his wife Candice by writing, "High marks for mum for being extremely patient with us all, and I don't know how you do it. You make me smile everyday. Blessed to have you by my side @candywarner1 😘."
In the comment section, Candice wrote a sweet message about how much the girls have enjoyed having their dad around.
"Your girls LOVE you. We have enjoyed every moment of having you home. Now time to go back to work and show the world what you are made of. ❤️🔥," she wrote.

On Candice's Instagram, she posted a picture of her husband with her oldest daughters, and she penned a farewell message to see David off.
"It's off to work he goes. Bye for now daddy. We love you and are always so proud. We can't wait to watch you play cricket again and to cheer you on. @davidwarner31 💕💜💗," she wrote.
This isn't the first time the Warners have been separated in 2021.
Earlier this year, the Australian government banned David and his cricket team from entering the country due to the dangerous Covid-19 wave in India where the team had been playing.
Missing their father, Candice and her children sent sweet messages of support to David as they grappled with the uncertain situation.
The letter and drawing David's daughters made for him when he was in India.
The artwork and messages created by his daughters were sweetly captioned, "Stay safe Daddy, come home as soon as you can. We love you. @davidwarner31 #staysafe (a letter from Ivy) ❤️🙏."
David reposted the picture onto his Instagram with the heartbreaking message, "My gorgeous Ivy ❤️❤️❤️ so much love @candywarner1 #family."
By late March 2021, the family reunited, and from the look of their respective Instagram accounts, they had made the most of David being home.