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David Campbell pens a loving tribute for his wife as he shares a relatable end of lockdown message

''15 weeks. No breaks.''

By Faye Couros
Today the whole of Australia's eyes are firmly peeled on Sydney as the state opens up for the first time since their lengthy lockdown began.
Now that the state has reached a 70 per cent vaccination rate, retail, gyms, and shuttered venues are opening up with restrictions in place.
It's an exciting time for Sydney siders, and David Campbell has shared his glee on Instagram.
The Today Extra host posted a selfie with his wife, and he penned a message reflecting on the past 15 weeks.
"15 weeks. No breaks. Homeschooling. Keeping kids entertained. Keeping them positive. Growing through this as best we can," he began.
The 48-year-old turned his attention to his wife Lisa Campbell to pay tribute to her hard work and resilience through the stay-at-home orders.
"I couldn't have imagined how to navigate this without @lisaluckiest and her love and leadership for this family," he said.
David dedicated the rest of his message to the amazing vaccination rates, and the tireless work teachers put in during this time.
"So thrilled that vaxx rates are so high here. The beginning of freedoms tomorrow and then the return of school.
"I couldn't have imagined how to navigate this without @lisaluckiest." Instagram
"No more online learning. Thanks to all the teachers who did amazing work.
"You are not paid enough. It's even more apparent now," he finished.
In his comment section, Julia Morris shared her own sentiment about the end of lockdown.
"Aren't they brilliant? How did they stay so positive. It's certainly been full on. Love you guys jx," she wrote.
David replied, "@ladyjuliamorris, well we haven't got ink yet! Missing you and Danny Fab."
The stars' co-presenter Belinda Russell also shared her thoughts on the amazing teachers who supported her family.
In the comment section, she wrote, "Hear, hear! 👏👏👏 to the teachers. And to you two - such an awesome team. ❤️ Just two weeks of homeschooling to go!!! Bring on the 25th!! 🥳."
Betty distracting her dad from homeschooling. Instagram
The Campbell family have shared many tender moments together through lockdown and some hilarious tidbits from their homeschooling adventures.
David shared a picture of his daughter Betty with two red capsicums on her eyes to distract herself from her first day of homeschool, and her dad couldn't help but laugh at her antics.
The TV presenter captioned the picture of his daughter, "First day of homeschooling. Betty made Capsicum Binoculars, made more jokes than I can keep track of, and I feel I should apologise to her teachers. #betty #funny #sydneylockdown."

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