David Campbell's life changed when he met his wife Lisa, but distance almost separated them forever - find out how one phone call changed their fate

''The first impression was charming and disarming''

By Faye Couros
David Campbell is a man with many talents. He's a much-loved presenter on Today Extra, a successful singer, performer and actor.
While all the accolades that have come with his career have no doubt brought him joy, it's clear that his wife Lisa Hewitt, who he married in 2008, is his reason for everything.
Their union wasn't one David saw coming. He was single and feeling like he'd never find 'the one' as his friends had done.
Then, one fateful day more than 13 years ago, a woman named Lisa walked into his dressing room for some pre-show drinks at the Melbourne Theatre Company.
In an interview with 9Honey, David revealed that their first interaction was over beers during his typical Thursday dressing-room drinks.
He asked Lisa if she would like, "Becks or Heineken?"
She had asked for a Becks, and at that moment, he knew that his world would never be the same.
"She just – she brightened my world that time. And so that was it," he told the publication. "The first impression was charming and disarming."
Lisa was in the country for a few weeks to tour a show. In order to spend as much time together as possible, David followed her to Brisbane.
Unfortunately, their whirlwind romance had to end when Lisa returned to England. On a whim, David called her to reveal his wish to pursue their love. In the end, Lisa moved to Australia to spend her life with a man she'd only known for a few weeks, and it was clearly a risk that paid off.
After tying the knot in 2008, the couple welcomed their first son, Leo, in 2010, and five years later their twins, Betty and Billy, were born.
They also turned their relationship into a business partnership when they started their production company, Luckiest Productions.
David's devotion to his wife and family will make you believe in forever, and this gallery of their sweetest moments may even bring a tear to your eyes.