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David Beckham strips to his boxers for underwear ad parody

David Beckham stripped down for the sake of comedy alongside British funnyman and new host of the Late Late Show, James Corden.

David Beckham is no stranger to stripping down to his undies, afterall both he and his entire family now have done their fair-share of modelling. David more often than not though tends to strip it all off as he even has his own underwear line for H&M.
There’s something a bit different about this undies ad though! David was joined by his British mate James Corden who has recently followed the path paved by the Beckhams and moved Stateside as the new host of The Late Late show, replacing long-running Scottish host Craig Ferguson.
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The ad parody features David and James striking a series of stereotyped model-poses poses in their undies, with the fictional brand names "D&J Briefs." The underwear line is made "for a man with a great body," says James, "and David Beckham."
The pair have actually stripped down together before, back when James was still living on the British side of the pond, they did a comedy sketch together for Comic Relief that saw them both in bath towels together.
Watch the full video in all it’s hilarity, above.
David Beckham stripping down to his undies is nothing new, but his latest underwear ad is unlike any you’ve seen him in before!

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