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Brooklyn Beckham thinks David Beckham is an embarrassing dad!

David Beckham is a sporting legend, international model and one of the world’s most famous fathers – yet despite all that, he still manages to embarrass his kids!
The British hunk dropped into UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain,revealing the lengths his boys go to, to avoid embarrassment.
David and Victoria’s eldest son, Brooklyn who turns 16 next month, asks his famous father to be dropped off around the corner from school so his classmates don’t see him!
“He’s at the age now where he does not want me to drop him off outside school. Secretly I kiss him on the cheek, he doesn’t really want too much affection but I still kiss him,” David explained.
The soccer star says he plays up to it like most dads.
“He said ‘Can you drop me round the corner?’ ... As he was walking in to school, I wound down the window and shouted ‘I love you’ to him. He was not happy,” David laughed.
David added that the family are excited about celebrating his eldest son's upcoming 16th birthday.“I think he wants to go for a dinner with his friends and he’ll have a separate dinner with his family because he’s at the age now when he doesn’t want me to drop him outside the school and things like that - which I definitely do anyway!”
At the end of the day the Beckham boys are just like any regular kid, with David joking that they still try to get out of school.
“Without a doubt, my children from time to time do get ‘sore throats’ in the morning, especially when there is certain things happening at school or their dad is going to play some game. They definitely try to get out of school," he said.
David’s paternal nature comes across many aspects of life, especially in his role of being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, which he has been involved in for 10 years.
To mark 10 years with the charity, he launched a new fund called the ‘7 fund’ to help children at risk, and it will focus on seven separate countries and target malnutrition, HIV and AIDS, poor sanitation and health.
“My number one priority is the '7' fund,” David explained about his new project.
The proud dad can’t wait until his kids can join him on his future UNICEF charity trips, explaining the importance of all kids including his own to understand the plight of others across the globe.
“Children need to be aware of what is going on around the world and the emergencies that are happening,” David said.
“My little girl is obviously too young to understand... Daddy goes away and Daddy comes home and shows her pictures of people that he has helped while he has been away... You protect them, you shelter them but there are certain things you can't hide from them.”
While he may have been a soccer star for more than 22 years, he is excited to focus the “next phase of his life”.
“Through 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund, we can act together to drive positive change for children.”

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