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Daughter convinces mum her head is square


A mischievous daughter played the most hilarious prank on her mum, convincing her that her head had turned square.
Rebecca Wyn Owen from North Wales was texting her mum, Lana, on Whatsapp and decided to have some fun, sending her a video of her head distorted via a video filter that changes the shape of your head.
But Lana was instantly concerned, thinking her daughter must have had a reaction to something and needed medical attention asap.
Rebecca shared the hilarious text exchange to Facebook, writing: “There's me thinking this video is an absolute buzz... Send it to my mum on Whatsapp and she's that daft she doesn't even watch it. She just sees the square head - doesn't even watch the video and the rest is history...”
When Rebecca finally confessed to her mum that it was all a joke, Lana said: “OMG you put it on Facebook, everyone is going to think I'm thick now.”
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