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Dannii Minogue skips "compulsory" hotel quarantine and is allowed to self isolate at home instead

There are different rules for celebrities it seems.

By Alex Lilly
Aussie singer Dannii Minogue will not have to spend the mandatory 14 days in hotel quarantine required for all overseas travellers, despite recently returning to Australia from the US.
A new report from 7NEWS has revealed that Dannii, 48, and her 10-year-old son Ethan will instead spend 14 days at a Gold Coast private residence, after the Queensland government granted them an exception due to medical reasons.
The Masked Singer judge, who headed to the residence straight from the airport, will still have to adhere to the same conditions of hotel quarantine. No one can come and go from the property and she has agreed to be tested multiple times.
What's more, Dannii won't be paying the $2800 hotel accommodation bill returning adult travellers mist pay under Queensland quarantine laws.
"While we cannot comment on individuals, Queensland Heath has strong arrangements in place whether people are quarantining inside or outside hotels,'' a spokesperson told 7NEWS.
Dannii managed to avoid the compulsory quarantine. Image: Getty
Dannii is back home in Australia to film the second season of The Masked Singer, along with Jackie O and Dave Hughes, who joined her on the panel last year, as well as host Osher Gunsberg.
The Daily Telegraph confirmed that 2019 host Lindsay Lohan will not be returning to the show, but her replacement is set to be announced soon.
This year's characters include Dragonfly, Hammerhead, Kitten, Wizard, Frillneck, Sloth, Cactus, Goldfish, Bushranger, Queen, Puppet and Echidna, but due to COVID-19 the show will look a little different this year.
"If there was ever a show made for lockdown, it was this. People are in masks anyway," Channel 10's Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey revealed.
Dannii is back in town to film episodes of The Masked Singer. Image: Getty
Dannii shares son Ethan with her ex Kris Smith, but you'll be hard pressed to find any photos of him online.
It is believed that the mum-of-one has requested that Ethan isn't shown on social media so he can live a normal life away from the spotlight.
When Kris was recently asked by one of his followers: "Where is your son? We never see him," the model hit back, saying, "And you never will on here."
In another response, Kris added: "This is a personal page where I post what I like, not what you 'think' you can demand."
WATCH BELOW: Dannii Minogue reveals that she and Kylie shared a room together. Story continues after video.
Dannii has been a single mum since 2012 and told WHO that working while parenting is "a juggle."
"The hardest thing is the guilt, because there are times where [work is] intense, and you have got to 'go for it' for a short period, then come home and get into the swing of being a mum. You've got to be really organised and streamline stuff. You can't do everything."
When asked if motherhood is the hardest job she's had, Dannii agreed adding that it's "the one you have got to be absolutely responsible in every moment of every day and night."
This article originally appeared our sister site WHO.