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WAGs at war! Reports claim WAGs "glad" Kyly is gone

Amidst reports that Kyly was "controlling" and "belittling", a source has come forward claiming that the WAGs will be glad to be rid of Kyly - and much preferred Lara in her place!

By Mahalia Chang
Just days after former-WAG, Haley Bracken, lifted the lid on the “viper’s nest” of the WAG world, another bombshell has been dropped on the cricketing beauties.
According to The Daily Telegraph, a source that claims to be close to the action has alleged that things will now be “more relaxed” after recently retired Michael Clarke’s wife, Kyly, flies the nest.
“Now that Kyly is set to leave the WAGs I'm sure things will be more relaxed for the current girls,” the source told The Telegraph, “She belittles some of the ladies, is incredibly self-absorbed and walks around like she runs the show.”
As the captain’s wife, Kyly, has been the leader of the WAGS since her marriage to Michael in 2012, but it’s becoming clear that not all the girls liked her.
According to the source, Kyly, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, often annoyed the other wives and girlfriends with her “$6000 handbags” and constant paparazzi set-ups, designed to get herself in the papers.
Kyly with the WAGs in England.
But contrary to earlier reports, Michael Clarke’s first famous WAG, Lara Bingle, wasn’t in the same boat as Kyly during her tenure as the “First Lady of Cricket”, in fact, she was “very well liked”.
The Daily Telegraph’s source revealed: “Lara Bingle was very popular and well-liked by the partners”.
Lara courted attention when she dated the cricketing captain from 2007 to 2010, before Michael reportedly ended their engagement after topless photos of Lara were released.
Lara is now married to actor, Sam Worthington, with whom she has a son, Rocket Zot.

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