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Could Will & Grace be returning to our screens?

If THIS reunion vid is anything to go by, we sure hope so!

It’s been 10 years since Will & Grace was last on our TV screens, but now the cast have reunited to film a scene debating the merits of Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump, and it feels like the noughties all over again!
Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes made the whole internet feel nostalgic when they posted on social media about the 10-minute scene, which you can see in full here. The clip, which was released just hours before the US presidential debate was due to start, saw the iconic characters fast-forwarded to 2016 where they’re grappling with the rise of Trump’s campaign.

Of course, the scene was set in the famous New York apartment, where Will & Grace are slating the billionaire’s slant and presidency, when Karen appears as a pro-Trump supporter. Viewers have speculated that the scene was a campaign stunt for Hilary Clinton, who Debra Messing is known to support, but we’re more interested in what this could mean for the future of the show – could Will & Grace finally be making a comeback?
“Never say never” was Debra and Eric’s response when asked about a possible revival by The Hollywood Reporter. According to them, the new sketch was “entirely out of the blue”, and the idea came from the show’s creator Max Mutchnik. Messing said: “It was immediate, electric joy. I did not hesitate for a second. I said “I’m in, just tell me where and when.””
During the interview, McCormack said: “We’re very proud of the series finale and the story that told of the break that friendships sometimes take. So to play with that and change the story and change our own stories in life, I’m sure we would all be open to talking about it”
That sounds like a very strong “maybe” to us!

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