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Could Ryan Phelan's relationship with Samantha X jeopardise his job at Channel 7?

The Channel 7 star's new relationship is reportedly ruffling network exec's feathers.

By Bella Brennan
If there's anything we've learnt over the past few weeks is that love is love.
And Channel 7 reporter Ryan Phelan is just a man who is madly in love with a woman.
That woman, Amanda Goff, also happens to be a now-retired escort, who used to work under the alias of Samantha X.
But since falling in love with Ryan, Amanda Goff has stepped away from sex work and is starting a new chapter with her man.
This week, the couple went public with their romance and the response was overwhelmingly positive.
But behind closed doors, The Daily Telegraph's Confidential column reports Ryan could be facing a professional fall-out.
WATCH: Samantha X on if seeing a sex worker is cheating. Post continues...
Ryan fell for Amanda after she appeared on The Morning Show to promote her book about being an escort.
Insiders claim his romance has "raised eyebrows" at Seven's head office in Sydney's Martin Place, where he works.
Media analysis Steven Allen tells the publication Ryan's romance with Samantha X could jepordise conservative brands who want to advertise on The Morning Show or The Daily Edition, and want to align themselves with a wholesome family image.
“Conservative brands should be hyper-sensitive about their alignment and no reputable adviser would not be reviewing their practices," he explains.
Channel 7 refused to comment on the claims but according to The Telegraph's report, the news didn't bode well with his bosses.
Surely in 2017, you cannot be discriminated against in the workplace for who you choose to date?
"I fell in love with Amanda, no one else, and that is who she is to me, Amanda, an outstanding mother and an outstanding woman," Ryan says.
This week Ryan, who split from his second wife of just two years at the start of the year, defended his relationship, explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that he never made judgement over Amanda's profession: "We met when Amanda came in to promote her second book, Back On Top, and I asked her out on a lunch date."
"We have pretty much spent every day together since, I fell in love with Amanda, no one else, and that is who she is to me, Amanda, an outstanding mother and an outstanding woman."
"If anything she has achieved a lot in her career and given an industry a voice it didn't have before," he added.