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Cornelia Frances' son shares heartbreaking post on the anniversary of her death

''Not a single second has gone by with out me missing you insanely.''

It's officially been one year since Home and Away icon Cornelia Frances tragically passed away from bladder cancer.
To mark the anniversary, Cornelia's beloved son Lawrence Eastland took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of the two of them and it will bring a tear to your eye.
In the sweet photograph, Lawrence is shown wrapping his mum in a hug as the two smile at the camera.
"One year ago today I held your hands as you passed away, it was one of the biggest days of my life and not a single second has gone by with out me missing you insanely. I still feel you around me my dear beautiful mum! Lost but never forgotten. ," Lawrence captioned his snap.
"Lost but never forgotten": Cornelia Frances' tribute to his late mum will bring a tear to your eye. (Image: Instagram @neonlolly)
Last year, Lawrence spoke exclusively to Woman's Day and revealed that during her final months battling cancer, Cornelia really showed her toughest side.
"Mum's specialists were stunned by her fighting spirit. She went into palliative care in February, before passing away peacefully last Monday around midday," he said.
"I was by her side, holding her hand when she took her last breath. She slipped away in her sleep. It was serene. There was no pain. I feel relieved that Mum is finally at peace."
Shortly after her death, Lawrence shared a deeply personal photograph of his mum a week before her death resting in her hospital bed. The image went viral
"A very personal photo of my mum during one of her resting moments, she is so peaceful, soft and serene. I truly love this woman. THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF MUM WHEN SHE HAD PASSED AWAY, IT WAS TAKEN A WEEK BEFORE SHE PAST. #fuckcancer #beautiful #cornelia #mum #iloveyou #whatawoman #peace #sleepytime #sleep #rest #divinefeminine #strong #inspiring #iloveyoumum"
Lawrence shared this intimate snap of his mother taken a week before her passing. (Image: Instagram @neonlolly)
According to showbusiness reporter Craig Bennett, Lawrence and his mum shared a close bond and "were the best of friends."
The late and great Home and Away star first announced she was battling cancer in January 2018 when what began as a bladder cancer spread to her hip.
Despite undergoing chemo and radiation treatment, the cancer tragically metastasised in Cornelia's spine and she spent the final months of her life in palliative care.
"She was completely and utterly brave right to the very end, laughing and smiling as best she could," Craig previously told Woman's Day.
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