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Cops and robbers — the new *Underbelly* stars

*Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities*, the prequel to the Nine Network's hit TV series, can boast a stellar cast of Australia's finest male actors — all relishing the chance to play the good guys and bad.

"Just call me Polyester George," says Peter. "Everything I wear in the series is 110 per cent flammable." Which is a worry because Peter, who is married to actress Miranda Otto and has a daughter Darcey, three, is currently red hot.
Preparing to portray a notorious 1970s drugs syndicate boss isn't always easy. "Terry was a shadowy character who travelled with 40 different passports, so I had to really search for information on him, which is a compliment to how ruthless he was, I guess," says Matthew.
His doe eyes would put Bambi to shame, yet Dustin still manages to avoid being typecast as Mr Nice Guy. Fresh from playing a prostitute on Foxtel’s raunchy series Satisfaction, Dustin has moved on to portray the underworld’s infamous "Mr Rentokil", a ruthless killer believed responsible for up to 14 murders and who disappeared, presumed dead, in 1985.
The respected character actor is relishing his new role as one of Australia's most colourful criminal identities, who made a living dealing drugs and organising for people to be killed.
He may be playing a TV cop up against some of Australia’s toughest criminals, but Matt reckons his other acting job is the real killer. "I've been doing Play School all week and, let me tell you, it's like doing Pilates nine hours a day."
Dieter was only 15 when he became a teenage pin-up in Home and Away. Today, an older, wiser Dieter reflects on fame as "all a bit mental".

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