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EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Bridges' heartbreak revealed as Commando Steve's in love with his ex... Again!

The fitness trainer is devastated that her ex has gone running back to his former partner.

By Woman's Day team
Michelle Bridges has been left reeling at the heartbreaking news her estranged partner Steve "Commando" Willis has gone running straight back to his ex, Froso.
The news, which comes just weeks after a humiliated Michelle, 49, publicly apologised after being charged with drink driving on Australia Day, is said to be yet another blow for the former Biggest Loser trainer, who has been desperately trying to win her partner back.
Steve (pictured with Michelle, left, and Froso, right) has always been close to Froso. Image: Getty/ Media Mode
Steve, meanwhile, has confessed to close friends that he has always loved the mother of his two children and "deeply regrets" the way their seemingly perfect union ended.
"Steve feels terrible for hurting Froso and breaking up their little family," says one friend. "Now he wants nothing more than to have a second chance."

Seduced by fame

After much speculation, Michelle and Steve stepped out as an official couple in May 2013, after apparently getting together during the filming of The Biggest Loser.
But it was on-and-off again at the start - by August, it was revealed that Steve had reconciled with Froso, taking her and their kids, Ella, 11, and Jack, eight, on a four-week trip to Europe that he had initially planned to take Michelle.
Friends say the now father-of-four – he also has an adult daughter, Brianna, from a previous relationship as well as four-year-old son Axel with Michelle – was swept up in the hype of television and fame.
"It seemed so exciting at the time. Michelle was a big name back then and she was showing him a lot of attention. There were red-carpet invites and glamorous events, he got caught up in it all."
WATCH: Michelle Bridges and Steve "Commando" Willis welcome their baby boy Axel in 2015. Story continues below...
And while Steve moved in with his co-star under a cloud of controversy after ending things with Froso, the former couple always remained close, working through their problems as a family.
"They've co-parented well together," says our source. "Froso and Michelle are very different personalities and Steve always enjoyed being around Froso's level-headedness and calming persona. Michelle is a livewire and even from the beginning of their relationship they argued a lot."
In fact, his close bond with his ex was often a cause of contention between the famous couple, with Michelle jealous when Steve spent "too much time," with Froso, who she always feared he would go back to.
"Of course it was on her mind," adds our source. "Froso is younger, a beautiful woman and a great mum. Michelle always felt threatened by her and was paranoid Steve would end it all and return to the family home."
Steve and Michelle called it quits on New Year's Eve. Image: Getty

Craving a quiet life

Since their bitter split on New Year's Eve, which saw the former military man storm out of the inner Sydney apartment they shared, Steve has found comfort with his ex – leaving Michelle living out her worse nightmare.
"He is determined to right his wrongs and prove himself," says the friend. "He wants to woo Froso and win her back again. He had some of his happiest times when they were together. There wasn't any drama and he craves that quiet life now."
Michelle and Steve with four-year-old son Axel. Image: Instagram
But having watched the unravelling of his on-again off- again relationship with Michelle, Froso has confided in friends that Steve is "broken" and she can't be the person who fixes that.
"She has watched it all play out and while he has remained a great father, she doesn't think he will make a good husband at the moment," says our source. "It took a long time to heal her own heart after everything that happened so publicly."

Michelle sells family home...

Having quietly sold her $6 million-plus Potts Point apartment late last year, Michelle is now faced with moving out of the home she loves. Friends say selling the unit was a last-ditch attempt to keep her man, a move that has backfired, leaving her in a terrible predicament.
"Steve hated that place but Michelle always refused to move," says our spy. "Then late last year, when things between them got worse, she accepted a secret offer in a desperate bid to prove to Steve she was ready to do whatever it took to save their relationship."
But it was too little too late, with her ex leaving before settlement on the apartment was even finalised.
Michelle bought her apartment in 2013 and poured her heart into turning into the home of her dreams. Image: Supplied.

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