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Comedian Russell Brand becomes a first-time dad

He announced his big news at a stand-up gig in Nottingham,

Russell Brand’s Nottingham fans were the first to learn the comedian’s big news – that he’d become a dad for the first time.
It’s been reported that he told the audience that he couldn’t hang around. “"He said he had to get home quickly because his girlfriend just had a baby," an audience member revealed.
Russell, 41, has become a father for the first time with his fiancée Laura Gallacher, 27.
Another audience member, Daniel Crann, told The Mirror, "He was conscious of the clock and made sure he was off stage by just approaching 9 p.m. as he 'needed to get down the f--king M21 as my girlfriend has just had a baby’."
The comedian did not announce any further details about the baby.
Russell has been much more private about this relationship and much more public ones with singer Katy Perry, who he was married to, and UK socialite Jemima Khan. There was weeks of speculation that he was to become a father before he confirmed it with this Instagram post:

The photo ran with this caption: "Right then. My Mum bought me this. Time to get ready!"
Russell Brand jokes about becoming a dad with Fifi Box.

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