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The unlikely feud between this My Kitchen Rules Judge and Delta Goodrem

''She winds me up!''

By Anita Lyons
When you think of "celeb feud", the last names that are sure to pop up on your list are My Kitchen Rules' Colin Fassnidge and The Voice's Delta Goodrem.
But now in the most unlikely of scenarios, Colin has taken a very scathing swipe at the songstress.
The Irish chef says while's he's a fan of The Voice, Delta Goodrem on the other hand, "winds" him up.
Speaking with Jana Hocking on her podcast Sex Love Magic, Colin recalled an incident when he had to pose with the singer during the TV WEEK Logies in 2018.
"They put me sitting in front of her at the Logies the last time and she's behind me, and the photo of me with Delta... I was making a face," he revealed.
"My Missus said to me, 'You realise you're representing your company [sic]?'
"I have no interest in Delta Goodrem!" he then said, while making sure to add: "I like The Voice, I think it's a good show."
Colin Fassnidge has "no interest" in Delta Goodrem. (Source: Getty Images)
Delta has always had a certain je ne sais quoi about how she chooses and supports her team on the Channel 9 show.
And unfortunately, that has come with a certain level of backlash since she started on the show in 2012.
The Born to Try singer spoke to the Daily Telegraph in 2017 about the criticism, saying it's "all just water off a duck's back, because the reality of what I get to live with is very different."
"I have only the intention of making people's day better, and if someone has an intention that's the opposite of that, then that's their problem," she added.
Delta's stint on the show this year, which saw Boy George's team member Diana Rouvas take out the top spot, has not been without controversy.
When contestants Chriddy Black, Mitch Paulsen and Jesse Teinaki went head-to-head in the Knockouts, their mentor Guy Sebastian picked Mitch to take through.
But coaches have "saves" up their sleeves, which both Delta and Guy tried to use to "save" Chriddy, but Chriddy ultimately opted to stay on Team Guy.
And as host Sonia Kruger tried to bid goodbye to remaining singer Jesse, that's when Delta got a little cheeky.
Attempting to press her buzzer again, Delta cried out: "Wait, wait! I still have a save. What about if I save Jesse?"
The other coaches were left baffled and outraged.
"Hold on a minute, that's cheating!" Delta's rival Boy George pointed out.
Meanwhile, contestant Jesse was so confused he had no idea how to react.
"Is that a thing? Is that a real thing?" he asked.
"I'm just waiting for someone to come in and say no we can't do that, that's against the rules."
Even Guy was shocked, exclaiming, "These are the loosest Voice rules I've ever seen!"
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But it looks like it was Jesse's lucky day and Delta was allowed to add the singer to her team.
A delighted Delta said: "Let me just say I really do think that none of you deserved to go home just then, so Jesse I'm looking forward to coaching you on my team."
Others were not so happy, however.
"What a joke!" Boy George complained. "That was an outrage!"

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