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Clare dumps ‘absolute prick’ Jono

After just two weeks, Married At First Sight’s Clare and Jono have called time on their dysfunctional “marriage”.

Last night saw the fiery reunite after a week apart and within minutes they were at each other again.
The pair hadn’t spoken since Jono moved out of Clare’s Melbourne home after a series of increasingly heated arguments but came back together for a dinner with the other three couples in Sydney’s Blue Mountains.
Tempers were running high and less than five minutes after seeing Jono again, Clare dumped him, this time for good.
“The second we disagreed on something, your walls went absolutely up. You gave me nothing from that point on,” Clare told her estranged “husband”.
“That really hurt me. I don't just leave as soon as shit gets hard. And as soon as shit got hard, you bailed.
“This is a pressure cooker and we're both trying to learn from each other and learn how to communicate. But ... I would say this isn't working. And I was kind of hoping that some things would have changed a bit.
“So I might just leave you here and I might go and find somewhere else to stay.”
Jono replied that arguing brought out a terrible side of Clare and let him to question “whether Clare was ready for a relationship”.
The former couple then arrived at the couples dinner separately and proceeded to make things very awkward for the other lovebirds.
At first, Clare and Jono simply ignored each other until Christie asked Clare what had happened between them.
“I'm 32, for me I'm looking for something real ... I spent one night with Jono this week because he is a ghost husband and whenever he gets irritated he leaves,” Clare said.
“My take on it would be that Jono is hot-headed ... he has a much shorter fuse than I do.”
Jono then proved Clare had a temper of her own, telling the other couples he was “jealous” of their relationships and hoped he would find love one day.
This out of character decision to “play the nice guy” drove Clare to the edge.
“'You are an absolute prick,” she said, before leaving the table.

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