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She doesn't hold back! Chrissy Teigen gets candid on her pregnancy boobs

The mum-to-be makes a startling confession about her body during pregnancy.

By Jody Phan
Chrissy Teigen’s baby bump isn’t the only thing growing. The model has opened up about the other changes to her body during her first pregnancy.
In a new episode of FABLife, the mum-to-be and her co-hosts Joe Zee and Leah Ashley were discussing tricks to double your cup size.
That’s when Chrissy revealed she doesn’t need any assistance in that area.
"I'm still second trimester and I have…I think I'm rocking a 40 double-D now," the 30-year-old star said.
When Joe picked up a black lace bra to demonstrate the trick to viewers, Chrissy quipped, "That's like a nipple cover for me right now by the way.”
"My nipples are all sorts of weird."
Chrissy is expecting her first child with her husband John Legend, who recently said he thinks his wife “looks gorgeous all the time”.

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