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The life lesson Chrissy Teigen can’t wait to teach baby Luna

The model muma has some very valuable advice for her newborn daughter.

Although baby Luna is only two-months-old, she certainly has a lot to learn.
Along with teaching her to walk, talk and not eat dirt, the 30-year-old model hopes to teach her bundle of joy a very valuable life lesson which she revealed while answering questions at a panel event for Lip Sync Battle on Tuesday.
"An important thing I'll try and teach [Luna] is - no matter what, you will find that job, you will find that point in life where people are gonna want you to be exactly the way you are and nothing else," the new mum confessed to an audience member during a panel event for her hit show Lip Sync Battle.
Elaborating at the television event, the blonde beauty quipped, "I think that was a big thing for me to learn in the modelling world.”
The couple are already besotted with their little angel.
“You go about your days pretending to be so sexy and poised and together and it was interesting for me to learn that as you go on and meet different groups of people, and to be with these people that you love, that they appreciate you for having this personality which may be quirky or weird or odd to you."
"I think I'm excited to teach her to just be yourself and eventually it's going to pay off," she concluded.
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And while the Thai-born beauty has always embraced her natural side, she definitely didn’t have to try to be sexy at the star-studded event.
The Cravings cookbook author proudly showed off her incredible post-baby body in a black, sheer panelled midi-dress as she posed alongside her 10-time Grammy Award-winning husband, John Legend.
Of course, it's news to no one that she looks fabulous, but last month the mother-of-one was met with criticism for how quickly she has managed to “bounce back.”
The couple left little Luna at home for a romantic night out.
“I think some people actually get really weirded out if you do bounce back too quickly because you really should be at home with this little thing and taking care of her and not so concerned,” the pretty bronde said to People at the time.
“But you’ll never have the right answer and you’ll never be right to everybody, so you just live and do what you can do best.”
“I worked out more pregnant than I ever did not pregnant!” she admitted before adding, “So for me, to be able to come back after wasn’t a concern.”
Tell us your secrets, Chrissy!
Whatever Chrissy's secret is, we sure would love to know!

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