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Chris Pratt thinks Anna Faris was awesome at the Emmys

Chris Pratt awkwardly gushes over Anna Faris Emmy's performance.

By Holly Royce
While most of us will never recover from the shock of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt splitting up , it's nice to see that despite rumours to the contrary, the two still respect and support each other.
A TMZ cameraman corners Pratt after the Emmys and questions why the star didn't attend.
"Oh where the Emmys tonight?" Pratt says sarcastically, "I guess I wasn't invited."
Pratt is then questioned about what he thought of his ex-wife's performance at the award show.
"I know she did.. Anna did an amazing job," Pratt confirms.
"She rules," said the Guardians of the Galaxy star.
He then gave a plug for her show Mom, urging viewers to go check it out.
Anna presented an award at the Emmys alongside Mom co-star Allison Janney.
Anna, Chris and son, Jack.
Recently, Allison Janney addressed how Anna’s dealing with the breakup.
"She just is a trooper. She comes to work with a smile on her face," Allison told E! News. "She's a professional. I love her to death."
In fact, Allison had nothing but praise for her co-star.
"Her private life she keeps pretty much to herself. She comes to work and gets the job done. She's great," Anna's on-screen mum gushed.
The two are currently filming the fifth season of their show, with Allison revealing that the cast and crew are all helping Anna through this difficult time.
“We're all very supportive of her and love her and feel badly for both of them. We love them both,” she said. “They're such great people.”