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Chris Martin's kids perform with him on stage for charity

And they definitely take after their famous parents when it comes to singing ability.

By Elizabeth Best
Chris Martin is one of the world’s biggest music artists and it looks like his children will be following in his footsteps.
Apple and Moses Martin, his children with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, just joined their Coldplay frontman dad on stage to belt out a tune or two for charity.
And boy, could they sing!
The kids took over the microphone at a fundraiser for a Boys and Girls Club in Malibu.
With their dad a pop star and their mum a singer who has graced our screens belting out hits in the TV Show Glee, it’s not surprising both children seem to have a natural affinity for music.
Even Gwyneth can sing, having starred with Matthew Morrison in the singing-dancing TV show Glee.
Twelve-year-old Apple took centre stage first, singing the Ariana Grande song Little Bit of Your Heart while Dad played the piano.
Then came Moses with the Twenty One Pilots’ song House of Gold.
Music plays a big part in their family's life.
He looked every bit the music superstar, donning his father’s favourite jumper and a backwards cap.
It’s not the first time the kids have performed with their father.
Back in June they were front and centre with Chris paying tribute to the band Viola Beach by singing their song Boys that Sing.

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