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“I promise I won’t become a d**k head," Chris Hemsworth reveals how his family keeps him humble

It's the ultimate Aussie bloke response.

By Holly Royce
Chris Hemsworth has been a golden boy in Hollywood for at least five years running, and now he's unveiled what's keeping all that fame from going to his head.
From Home and Away to Hollywood, 34-year-old Chris, his model wife Elsa Pataky, his three children, India, Sasha and Tristan stay grounded by living a long way away from the bright lights of tinsel town.
The Home And Away days: Chris played Kim Hyde on Home And Away from 2004 to 2007.
The low-key family swapped the glamour of Hollywood to set up home Byron Bay, he and Elsa only travelling when work requires them to.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Chris reveals it's this lifestyle and a promise he's made to his parents that keep him humble.
Liam and Chris Hemsworth with their dad.
"My goal has been not to become a d … head," he said.
"I promise I won't become a d … head — that's what I have to say to my parents," he continued.
"I think you're either a d … head or you're not a d … head, fame just amplifies that."
You couldn't possibly get more of an Aussie bloke response than that.
Chris was in Sydney last night for an event with Tag Heuer to help raise money for the The Australian Childhood Foundation.
"It is something that really speaks to me and speaks to me strongly."
The Australian Childhood Fund works to help raise both awareness and funds for children who have been through abuse. Chris has been a long time ambassador for the Charity.