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Chris Hemsworth's co-star is absolutely besotted with him and who could blame her?

Clearly she has a school-girl crush!

By NW team
Chris Hemsworth is one of the hunkiest men on the planet – and we've lost count of the number of times his frequent co-star Tessa Thompson seemed to like what she, er, Thor!
Chris, 35, has branded Tessa – his Men In Black: International and Thor: Ragnarok leading lady – "the most beautiful actress on the screen", "the kindest human being with the biggest heart" and even "one of my favourite people".
Meanwhile, Tessa, also 35, is busy reminding anyone who will listen that Hemsy is sensitive, good looking and pretty much her ideal guy.
Yep, she's virtually shouted from the rooftops that "he's really thoughtful and sensitive", while insisting they "just have so much love and respect and admiration". Mmm-hmm.
Now, does this A-list love fest remind you of a certain A Star Is Born situation, which sent shock waves through Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's private lives?
Tessa has her eyes on Chris! (Source: Getty)
It seems to remind Chris' wife Elsa Pataky of it – and she's apparently in no mood to play the Irina Shayk role!
Sources tell NW the Spanish beauty is seeing red over all the gushing – so much so that Elsa, 42, jetted all the way from Byron Bay to the New York premiere of the pair's latest flick to put them in check.
"Elsa issued Tessa with a stark reminder that Chris is spoken for," reveals an insider.
"She couldn't bear another red-carpet flirt session where everyone gets to hear how incredible Chris and Tess' friendship is, so she turned up and basically pulled her aside and said, 'Hands off my man.'
Chris and Tessa at the MIB: International premiere. (Source: Getty)
She's got the googly crush eyes! (Source: Getty)
The way they talk about one another, anyone would think Tessa was Chris' wife!"
So consider yourself warned, Tessa – don't try to get your hands on Thor's hammer or Elsa might just reach for hers!
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