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Elsa Pataky is not impressed by husband Chris Hemsworth's drinking

Trouble in paradise?

He was "pretty excited" to be in Bali promoting his new film Men In Black: International, but insiders claim Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky was less than impressed when she heard about his on-tour antics.
"Chris went out with friends one night and hit up all the bars," our insider tells Woman's Day.
"The group were drinking and partied well into the early hours. The next day Chris looked like he had the hangover from hell. He had a ton of press interviews to do, and it was pretty clear he was suffering."
WATCH: Chris Hemsworth dances with Elsa Pataky on her birthday. Post continues after video...
When Elsa, 42, caught wind of Chris' big night out, she reportedly called her husband and brought him down a peg or two!
"Here she was thinking he was there to work and then he turns the trip into some sort of party," our insider reveals.
"She gave him a real earful, which was the last thing he needed with the way he was feeling."
While Chris is promoting his new film, Elsa is taking care of their children in Byron Bay. (Image: Getty Images)
The Thor hunk, 35, has been known to take an "entourage" of friends with him on tours, and sources say at times he "barely sleeps".
It's little surprise that after his most recent hijinks Chris is quitting showbusiness to devote the rest of the year to Elsa and the couple's children, India, seven, and twins Sasha and Tristan, five.
"This year I probably won't shoot anything," says Chris. "I just want to be at home now with my kids."

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