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Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston surprise kids at Brisbane Hospital

Looks like Tom’s following in girlfriend Taylor Swift’s footsteps!

By Elizabeth Best
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston just proved they’re superheroes in real life!
While filming Thor: Ragnarok in Brisbane, the pair took time out of their busy schedule to pay a visit to the sick children at Lady Cilento Hospital, according to The Courier Mail.
And it wasn’t just a pop-in pop-out visit either; the stars spent a decent amount of time visiting more than 80 children and their families throughout the hospital.
Both Tom and Chris posed with the overjoyed youngsters, with Chris even bringing Thor’s famous hammer to give the kids an extra thrill.
The stars were more than happy to pose for photos.
That kid looks pretty thrilled to be holding Thor's hammer!
The boys then dropped in on the hospital’s in house TV station Juiced to give an interview.
If the name of the hospital sounds familiar, it’s because Tom’s girlfriend Taylor Swift recently surprised patients there with a visit of her own last month.
Check out the boys on set in Brisbane! Post continues...
Taylor made patient's dreams come true when she visited the Lady Cilento Hospital a few weeks back.
Not to mention that time Johnny Depp showed up as Captain Jack Sparrow.
The famous actors who play Thor and Loki have been in Brisbane filming the newest Marvel installment.
Queensland's capitol has been dressed up to look like New York City, complete with yellow cabs and American school buses.
Chris is no stranger to surprising fans. Check out the excellent moment he offered a superfan a massage in the clip below. Yes please!

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