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Chris Brown involved in police standoff over alleged gun threat

The star has barricaded himself in his home, refusing to speak to police over an alleged weapon offence.

By Elizabeth Best
UPDATE: The star has finally surrendered to police after a dramatic nine-hour stand-off. Police confirmed at a press conference that the 27-year-old surrendered at around 1pm, LA time, flanked with his lawyer.
Walking out from his home, the singer removed his jumper and placed a red hat on his head. Chris sat on the ground as police waited nearby.
PREVIOUSLY: Chris Brown is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department after a woman called the police claiming he threatened her with a gun.
According to TMZ, Chris then refused to leave his house to speak to the authorities, leading to a stand-off as police sought a warrant to enter the premises.
"We are currently working with Mr. Brown's representatives to make contact with him," LAPD Officer Ramirez explained to E! News.
E! News claims Chris and the woman were in his home with several friends, including Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J, when some uninvited guests showed up and were asked to leave.
One of the women who was shown the door then claimed Chris pulled a gun on her.
Chris Brown has developed a reputation for getting himself into legal trouble.
The woman then called 911, and the police responded, taking a report and attending the scene.
However, in a strange twist someone inside the house is alleging that Chris was asleep the whole time.
TMZ alleges Ray J then left the house and was handcuffed by police, who seized his car as evidence before allowing him to leave.
Watch Chris Brown's rant while the police surrounded his house in the clip below. Post continues.
The singer reportedly was taunting police who attended the scene.
Authorities apparently then called for a SWAT team to attend the house, and applied for a warrant to enter his home and search it for a gun matching the woman’s description.
And Chris wasn’t happy about any of this.
He was convicted of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.
The singer took to social media to post three expletive filled rants condemning the actions of the authorities.
At some point during the standoff, a duffel bag was thrown out the window of Chris’s home and TMZ reported it contained at least one gun, other weapons and drugs.
Multiple sources told TMZ that the 27-year-old threw the bag, before daring cops to “come and get me."

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