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EXCLUSIVE: Dr Chris Brown says I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! WILL return in 2021

''It's the show that's made for isolation!''

By Bella Brennan
Like so many industries, the coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the entertainment world throwing production schedules for some of the nation's favourite shows into disarray.
But for Dr Chris Brown, there's one reality TV show he thinks will be perfectly suited for these strange and socially distanced times we now find ourselves in - I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
"It's the show that's made for isolation and quarantine," Chris tells Now To Love in an exclusive chat.
"They are quarantined away from everything. We have minimal contact with them. We're never allowed to touch them or be close to them. I feel like once they're in, they're going to be safe. It's probably the safest place for them to be, it's just where that place is is the big question at the moment," the I'm A Celeb presenter adds of the upcoming season, which usually airs in January.
While filming in the South African jungle may be off the cards, the 41-year-old is hopeful the show will return in some shape or form.
"It's become such a feature of the Australian summer to watch celebrities in the jungle so hopefully we can put them back in there. There's a lot of discussions taking place at the moment. I feel like we'll be back but I just don't know how, or where, or in what form."
Chris also wants the 2021 season to return so his Living Room co-star and good mate Miguel Maestre can be de-throned.
"We need to replace Miguel as King or Queen of the jungle. His reign has been longer than Queen Elizabeth's, honestly," Chris laughs.
Chris, pictured with I'm A Celeb co-host Julia Morris and the show's 2020 winner Miguel, thinks the upcoming season will return. (Image: Network 10)
As one of the most popular and in-demand television stars, fans needn't worry too much as they can currently get their Chris' fix on Channel Ten's lifestyle program The Living Room.
This week's episode holds a special place in the vet's heart, with the team heading to Lismore where they renovate a no-kill dog rescue centre which has helped over 30,000 dogs.
"It's great to be able to get to go into an animal shelter and give them something that makes a real difference to their lives," the animal lover explains.
Chris and The Living Room team head to Lismore to help overhaul an animal rescue shelter. (Image: Network 10)
With more families bunkering down at home in lockdown than ever before, Chris says he's been overjoyed to see just how much pets can help with our mental health.
"They've always filled a certain hole in our lives with loneliness. But recently when we can't get out and about like you used to be able to, they've become our everything."
"They're our sounding board, our office companion, they're our release when the world seems too much. When everything seems out of control, they're the constant. They're that little base that's always there to reassure you that everything is alright," he muses.
"If there has been an upside to the pandemic, it's the lack of pubs, clubs and crowds for this up and coming act to play to. But not even 4 months without a gig has been enough time to come up with a name," Chris joked alongside this snap on social media. (Image: @drchrisbrown/Instagram)
As for how the former Bondi Vet is keeping himself sane during these unprecedented times? "Gardening, cooking and I've taught myself the guitar."
In fact, you may have seen Chris' latest duet with Sunrise's weatherman Sam Mac do the rounds online.
"I immediately formed a band with Sam Mac and we haven't quite released our first album yet but we have amazing album art and we're doing a collection of covers that are incredibly forgettable," Chris chuckles.
And if that particular new side-hustle doesn't work out, Chris has another back-up plan.
Following the recent success of his guest appearance on Play School, Chris says he wouldn't rule out a career in children's entertainment.
"If the kids mount a campaign for track two on the Chris Brown Play School album, I'll do it!"
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