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Chloe Lattanzi's latest interview got really weird

It was 50 shades of awkward!

By Bella Brennan
On Monday, Olivia Newton-John's only child caught up with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies for an appearance on The Morning Show.
And it didn't take long for Chloe Lattanzi to cross her wires with the hosts.
Commenting on her cleavage-baring outfit, which is from her new line equestrian line, Kylie remarked: "You wouldn't wear it riding, would you?"
"Of course you would Kylie! It's a fantastic riding shirt," Larry countered.
"What you're wearing that, that's more like when you've ridden through the ranges all day and you get off and have a little doo-dah by the campfire," he explained.
Clearly taken aback by Larry's phrasing, Chloe questioned what a doo-dah was before adding with a knowing wink and a smoking gesture: "Oh! A doo-dah."
"A doo-dah is just like a chat, like a picnic," Larry explain through gritted teeth.
"Doo-dah sounds like doobie," the 31-year-old star laughed.
Following a lot of flustered looks and giggles, they all managed to move on.
Chloe thought Larry was talking about something VERY different.
But not before aspiring singer Chloe could make mention of why working on a cannabis farm in Oregon is important to her.
"Cannabis is really important, it prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body. As you know, my mum went through that. I wanted to become a part of a business that was about natural healing."
During the interview, Chloe also addressed her mum's health after ONJ was forced to cancel a string of shows due to the back pain condition sciatica.
"She's doing great. She's recovering really well, she's using all natural remedies from John, my stepdad. She's doing fantastically. Sciatica runs in our family, unfortunately," Chloe revealed.

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