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Cheryl Maitland's new boyfriend's drug scandal past revealed

The MAFS star's man has quite a backstory...

By Bella Brennan
Just yesterday, Cheryl Maitland was singing Dean Gibbs' praises in a gushy Instagram post confirming their new romance.
And now, new details of her boyfriend's past are coming to light.
According to the ABC, the 27-year-old is a former police officer who lost his job and was charged with drug trafficking offences in 2014.
Dean pleaded guilty to five charges - including trafficking cocaine and the possession of ecstasy and anabolic steroids.
During the trial, Dean explained that he had turned to steroids as a teenager to help him bulk up and one day achieve his dream of becoming a police officer.
After joining the police force, Dean turned to cocaine to cope with the confronting nature of his job, the ABC reports. To help fund his habit, the Melbourne local started to traffic drugs.
Cheryl and Dean confirmed their romance with this Instagram post.
In 2013, phone taps and a search of his home unveiled an array of illicit substances.
He was slapped with a $300 fine and sentenced to 12 months jail, wholly suspended.
Cheryl's man has since cleaned up his act, gotten off the steroids and re-entered the workforce as a plumber.
The hairdresser is yet to make a comment.
In February, Cheryl was at the centre of her own scandal after a shocking video of her snorting a line of white powder off her breast surfaced.
"I posted this video as a joke on my Instagram account several years ago."
"Looking back I now realise what an extremely naive thing it was to have done, and I seriously regret it,” Cheryl told Woman's Day in a statement at the time.