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If Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello were Aussies, Magic Mike would be a very different story!

The cheeky pair chatted to Woman’s Day during their trip Down Under this week, and even gave their best shot at attempting our accents. Points for effort, Channing…

Keeping a straight, professional face as we walked into a flash Sydney hotel room to meet the hottest blokes in Hollywood was up there with the more difficult moments in our journalism careers.
Thankfully, not only are Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello really, really, ridiculously good-looking, but they’re also very easy to talk to. And after spending so much time in G-strings (or "G-bangers", as Channing has now been instructed to refer to them) together over the filming of two stripper movies, it’s clear that they’ve become best mates.
Joe and Channing are firm friends - or as their Aussie alter-egos would say, "best mates".
We’d seen them pretty much naked on the big screen the night before at the Magic Mike XXL Australian premiere, but this time, sadly they were much more covered up – we have our suspicions that Beau Ryan from the NRL Footy Show is to blame for the fact that they were still wearing Cronulla Sharks and Wests Tigers footy jerseys.
But since they were so appropriately dressed as typical Aussie blokes, we decided to test out their Australian accents and give them a script to read as if their new movie – out in cinemas tomorrow – was set right here in the Lucky Country.
We also talked about getting naked because, well, why not?
Enjoy watching the stars try their hand at the Aussie accent above! And then go see this pair in action in Magic Mike XXL, in cinemas tomorrow.

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