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Offspring's back! First look of season six

This is so exciting! Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart return to the set of the much-loved show.

She managed to keep her pregnancy a secret and now Offspring’s Kat Stewart is back to work with her little girl right by her side.
Kat and husband David Whiteley, who already have four-year-old son Archie together, welcomed Georgia, or Gigi as she’s affectionately known, on March 16.
The gang's all back together! Kat was joined by her co-star Asher Keddie.
“I haven’t been hiding her. I’ve just been pottering around at home,” Kat, 43, recently explained in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.
“Gigi is a very pleasant surprise,” the star added of her second child.
With filming of Ten’s hit drama in full swing, Kat’s already stepping back into her beloved role.
The duo chatted between takes.
The actress, who plays Billie Proudman in the popular series, was pictured laughing with her on-screen sister as they made their way back to their trailers.
Actress Deborah Mailman, who will be reprising her role as Cherie Butterfield, was also seen on the set.
Kat rugged up in a blue dressing gown and slippers.
“It’s only been five weeks. 
I wouldn’t normally go back to work this early but Offspring is a family,” she said, adding co-star Asher, 41, also takes her one-year-old son Valentino along.
“Archie was on set with me when he was really little and I’m doing the same with Gigi,” Kat explained.
“It’s a family-friendly atmosphere. I think it will only enrich the experience of doing the show having them around."
In 2014, the actress said she had a great support network in her family, who help her with her son while she film.
"I am so lucky. Because David and I are both actors we have been able to make it work so that we can be home for him [Archie]. We haven’t had to use any sort of childcare. We have great family support," she told The Herald Sun.
Meanwhile, fans are counting down the days until the sixth season of Offspring returns to our screens.
As for whether the AACTA award-winning talent has any similarities with her character Billie, Kat told The Sydney Morning Herald there are some slight overlaps.
"I like to think I'd be a lot more diplomatic, a lot less volatile. But with all the characters you play, you bring elements of yourself. Certain characters amplify certain qualities in you. You find a bit of yourself and it becomes exaggerated," she mused.
Actress Deborah Mailman, who will be reprising her role as Cherie Butterfield, was also seen on the set.

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