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Celine Dion raps on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

The classically-trained singer showed off just how far her vocal range can go in a truly spectacular display.

Earlier this year, she wowed Jimmy Fallon when she gave her best impression of pop stars Rihanna, Sia and Cher, but on Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Celine Dion one-upped herself.
In a hilarious game, the classically-trained vocalist proved that she really can do anything by putting a Celine spin on a handful of iconic rap songs, including Missy Elliott’s Work It and Nelly’s Hot in Herre.
"You sing these ballads all the time," the talk-show host began. "and I want you to keep growing as an artist, so we put some rap songs in the prompter. All you have to do is sing the words."
The 48-year-old looked a tad confused at the unique request, but gave it her best shot regardless. And of course she nailed it!
While she didn’t exactly sound like Nicki Minaj, the mother-of-three had the audience on their feet. The songstress, however, appeared confused by the unexpected arrangement.
“What is that?,” the Canadian beauty quipped after her first rendition, before joking, “My career is going to end tonight!”
Watch Celine’s impressive performance in the video player below! Post continues…
We’re always thrilled to see the playful side of the My Heart Will Go On hitmaker, particularly after the tragic loss of her loving husband, René Angélilto, who succumbed to his battle with throat cancer earlier this year.
Speaking to Ellen, Celine spoke about how her family continues to cope.
“It is tough I have to admit,” she began. "It's part of our life, and life has imposed this on him. That was his destiny and I still feel extremely fortunate that he has given me three magnificent children—wonderful pieces of luggage."
Already back at work with her Las Vegas residency, Celine is keeping herself busy as she prepares for the release of a new album.
The star admits that she feels grateful “to feel confident and to have experience enough and to keep going" after the sadness that followed her husband’s passing.
It's been a tough year for the musical icon, but Celine Dion has followed her husband's mantra, "The show must go on," in a bid to remain strong.
“I'm well because he's not suffering anymore. Because the hardest thing is not to lose somebody you love, it's to see them suffer."
“So for me to know that he is in a place where he doesn't suffer anyone makes me feel way better.”
Talking about her three kids René-Charles, 15, and five-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson, she admitted, “I feel extremely fortunate as a mother."
“It's probably the thing I'm the most proud of - how I prepared my children for how to live with Dad. How to live with him without his presence."
Watch the star's emotional chat in the video player below.

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