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What you think you look like singing in the car vs. what you ACTUALLY look like


By BTYB Holden Equinox
We've all been there.
That moment when you're singing your heart out at the traffic lights, doing your own Carpool Karaoke, only to turn around and see the face of the driver in the car next to you looking horrified — and not just because you're belting out The Wiggles or Bieber's latest hit.
What's worse is when the kids turn into backseat critics and start questioning your tone/words/volume/choice of song. Cheeky buggers. Still, preferable to them joining in with their own special kind of "percussion", we guess.
No one captures this reality better than Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, in her latest #CelesteChallengeAccepted video, shot exclusively for Woman's Day in association with the new Holden Equinox, the SUV for real people.
Hit play on the video above to see Celeste's hilarious take on travelling in the car with kids. Look familiar?!
Celeste isn't the only one who likes to keep it real. The new Holden Equinox is the perfect SUV for real life. With a ton of tech you'll actually use (and know how to use) like Lane Keep Assist and Side Blind Spot Alert, it's a no-brainer. A car that thinks for you. So you can save your brainpower for the 75th rendition of There Were Five in the Bed.
Brought to you by Holden Equinox. Nothing to prove. Prove it.

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