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Watch this if you have kids, a car or just need a laugh

You: We'll just give the car a quick wash. Kids: Let battle commence.

By BTYB Holden Equinox
Washing the car always seems a like a great idea at the time.
Something grown-up, respectable car owners do. Something fun to do with the kids.
Right up until that moment when you get outside — bucket in hand, kids raring to go — and remember that the last time you tried this, the driveway looked like a scene out of Titanic.
Sound familiar?
Hit play on the video above to see Australian comedian and mum-of-two, Celeste Barber, play out the whole expectation vs. reality car wash scene pitch perfectly in her latest #CelesteChallengeAccepted for Holden Equinox, the SUV for real people.
From hose fights to tears and tantrums — not just from the kids when you realise your panoramic sunroof (one of the many great features the new Equinox boasts) has been open the whole time... deep breaths — the queen of keeping it real gets it spot on.
Brought to you by Holden Equinox. Nothing to prove. Prove it.

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