Zoe Foster Blake

Proof little Zoe Foster Blake is Sonny with pigtails

Though we've long thought Sonny Blake was dad Hamish reincarnated, these snaps have us convinced Sonny takes strongly after his mum.

My how they’ve grown! Celebs can’t get enough of posting throwback pics to the days of their youth on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And we can’t stop marvelling at how they once looked.

There was time where you'd rely on your parents to share embarrassing photos from your past... but those days are gone thanks to one glorious hashtag: #ThrowbackThursday

Your favourite Hollywood stars are taking ownership of their awkward photos from years past and doing the best thing possible - sharing it!

While Beyonce, Taylor Swift and the Kardashians usually look picture perfect - their hilarious retro pics show that they are just like us.

From the geeky to the gorgeous, from chubby babies to gangly youths – check out the best of celebrity throwbacks and test your celeb knowledge to see if you can recognise these stars from back when they were unknown.

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