It's a pooch parade! Celebrities share must-see pictures of their dogs to celebrate International Dog Day

They're man's best friend after all!

By Faye Couros
International Dog Day on August 26 is unarguably the best day of the year.
Even amid a tornado of bad news headlines and concerning Twitter threads, there was a moment this week when the internet was dedicated to the single purpose of celebrating man's best friend.
Your family, friends and acquaintances flooded social media with their furry buddies, and it was a delightful distraction.
Perhaps you even set up an impromptu photoshoot for your canine.
Well, celebrities are just like us, and a few of our favourites have blessed our feeds with pictures of their dogs.
So, brighten up your day by scrolling through this list of famous pooches who were hopefully spoilt with treats for their big dog day celebrations.