All the celebrities who are most definitely not keeping calm and carrying on at Wimbledon 2019

We've got some nail-biters on our hands here.

By Jess Pullar
Come summertime in the UK, there are two things that thrill us: The ample excuse to consume Pimms and Aperol Spritz for any and every occasion, and watching the Wimbledon Championships.
And yes, while the European holiday spam that comes thick and fast from our not-so-subtle mates can spark a little envy, we can't help but indulge in both of the above no matter what kind of devilry the weather decides to throw at us Down Under.
That's why the latest slew of celebrity photos from the elite Championship itself has sparked so much joy - have you ever seen celebrities let their guards down like they have while watching Serena Williams tackle a particularly tricky serve?
Or what about their inevitable reactions reserved only for a rally of more than 20 hits, whereby said celebs get a right royal crick in their neck and stretch their face muscles in ways we didn't think possible while watching the showdown?
Indeed Wimbledon, which attracts thousands of fans and many celebrities to boot each year, undoubtedly provides the ultimate spectacle.
This year, it all kicked off when none other than Kate Middleton stepped out to watch some of the games unfold, later settling into the coveted royal box to watch Angelique Kerber and Tatjana Maria battle it out in the first round.
In fact, so invested in the game was our Kate that it was almost too easy to find and ogle over images of her animated facial expressions throughout the match.
Since then, a slew of other celebrities have followed suit by joining in her passion for the game.
So, to capture all the excitement as it unfolds from the stands, we've rounded up all the big celebrity sightings from this year's tournament.
Keep scrolling and maybe pour yourself a Pimms, there's every reason to take joy in watching these tennis-loving celebs watch the dramatic game itself!
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