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Cass Thorburn's new TV gig is the ultimate girl power move as her ex Karl Stefanovic remarries

She's literally dancing the past away.

By Jess Pullar
Her ex-husband might be about to remarry, but Cass Thorburn has bigger and better things to focus on, and it all starts with a pair of dancing shoes.
Yep, you read that right - the former wife of Karl Stefanovic is leaving the past behind and tackling a brand new gig by going on the re-booted version of Channel Ten's Dancing With The Stars.
It looks like Cass is moving on by moving on a dancefloor! (Image: Getty)
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, whispers of Thorburn joining the star-studded line up of the show have been rife within the network.
And it wouldn't surprise many - the amount of publicity garnered from their break up would almost certainly entail a healthy return on investment by having Cass on the show.
The bold move from Cass comes as her ex-husband Karl Stefanovic prepares to marry Jasmine Yarbrough, which is set to take place in Mexico this weekend.
Cass and Karl split two years ago. (Image: Getty)
Cass, who has kept her cool and shown she is stronger and more resilient than ever following the break up, will reportedly be surrounded by close friends over the coming weekend.
In September, she was praised for her appearance on the Studio 10 as she discussed her relationship status.
"Do I need to have a man to continue on?" She told host Sarah Harris.
Thorburn also opened up to The Weekly about her tumultuous last two years.
"Last year, I declared that Karl really was dead to me, a man I no longer know, but the children still have their father," she said.
"The flip-side of that is I feel like we're dead to his family and almost anyone from our old life."
"There has been practically no contact. I feel like we've been discarded and disposed of, replaced by a whole new line-up of starters."
"It has been a real adjustment period for me."
Cass has been very candid about the difficult break up with Karl. (Image: Studio 10)
Karl and Jasmine will marry in the seaside town of San Jose del Cabo on Saturday in a lavish three-day-affair.
In fact, the couple are sparing no expense, with a family friend revealing to Woman's Day that the couple want to rival James Packer's $6 million wedding to his now ex-wife Erica.
"Jasmine is obsessed with doing everything the same," reveals a family friend. "She's planned an itinerary identical to theirs. The parties are the same, as are the goody bags."
The official event of their wedding will be on December 6, where they will host a beach part to welcome their 150 guests.
"The following day is a relaxation day and the day after the wedding is a recovery day," a second source revealed to Woman's Day.
The soon-to-be-weds are not doing things by halves! (Image: Getty)

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