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Cassandra Thorburn and Jasmine Yarbrough’s street fight over the school pick-up

Harsh words are exchanged as Karl Stfanovic’s fiancée confronts his ex-wife outside her home.

It was the day Jasmine Yarbrough was late to pick up Karl Stefanovic's youngest son, River, from his school in Sydney's exclusive North Shore, that his ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn finally lost her cool and told the woman who replaced her exactly what she thought of her.
"She pointed out to Jasmine that it simply wasn't acceptable to be late to pick up young children – and Jasmine got very defensive," reveals a family friend, adding that Jasmine blamed the late pick-up on
a mechanical problem with her $200,000 Range Rover.
This was the first and only time Cass has come face-to-face with Jasmine, a shoe designer, and the fiery confrontation happened just a week after Karl announced their engagement.

Shock encounter

"It was a pretty shocking moment for Cass," explains the friend, who says Jasmine was flashing her $250,000 five-carat diamond engagement ring at the time.
"Cass opened the gate at the entrance to her home and there was Jasmine moving Cass' wheelie bins. It was totally unexpected because Cass thought Karl was picking up River from school, and to suddenly find Jasmine on her doorstep was a shock."
It was a Friday afternoon and River, 12, had just arrived home from school and raced in the door to get ready for a weekend visit with his famous dad – who Cass thought was waiting at the gate.
Jasmine, 34, initially appeared dumbstruck at the unexpected encounter with Cass, 47, with a flustered Jasmine lost for words until Cass told her it was unacceptable to be late for school pick-ups.
"I don't know who was more surprised – Jasmine or Cass," the friend says.
Jasmine was surprised when she came face-to-face with Karl's ex-wife Casss.
"I don't know who was more surprised – Jasmine or Cass," the friend says.
The encounter only came about because River was running late, and Cass decided to carry his overnight bag and their beloved pug Ponyo, who goes everywhere with River, up the stairs to make
it a bit easier for him.
With tensions running high after the confrontation over the late school pick-up, it only inflamed the situation further when Jasmine told Cass "there's no reason for us not to get along."
The argument escalated, with Cass disputing that, and asking Jasmine to "clarify" exactly when she met Karl, according to the friend, who says Jasmine insisted it was "exactly six months after he left" Cass in 2016.
The pressure appears to be taking its toll on Karl.
The Today star cut a lonely figure at the airport, with his self-help book in tow.

Karl’s lonely trip home

Meanwhile Karl cut a lonely figure when he was spotted gorging on hot chips waiting for a plane to Sydney from the Gold Coast last week – while the co-stars he slagged off in the Uber scandal chose to catch a different flight.
Georgie Gardner and Richard Wilkins were all smiles as they boarded their Qantas flight, while a bleary eyed Karl caught a Virgin flight 30 minutes later. No wonder he snapped up self-help book, Chinese Zen: A Path To Peace And Happiness, at the airport!
Gerogie and Richard flew Qantas...
While Karl, who is a member of Qantas' Chairman's Lounge, chose a Virgin flight. (Images/Diimex)

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