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EXCLUSIVE: "This is such a good thing for Casey!" Meet Casey Donovan's new girlfriend

The unlucky-in-love Australian Idol alum finds her life partner at last.

By Woman's Day team
After a tumultuous romantic life over the years, Aussie singing sweetheart Casey Donovan is now all smiles after finding true love.
Woman's Day can exclusively reveal that Casey, 32, has been dating Renee Sharples for months now, with the pair so in love they're planning to move in together!
According to a friend close to the couple, Casey has been dating Renee, who is a lecturer in paramedicine, since last November, and 
while she's attempting to keep their romance low-key, she 
has been enjoying the newfound confidence dating a woman has given her.
"This is such a good thing 
for Casey," the insider tells Woman's Day.
"While she's always been confident, 
she's still navigating her way through the aftermath of being catfished for six years.
Casey has finally found true love. (Getty)
"But Renee is letting her go at her own pace. She isn't being pushy at all and Casey trusts her wholeheartedly."
We're told Casey's friends have never seen the singer so happy and content, and have credited Renee for the positive changes.
"Casey has a whole new lease on life now," says one pal.
The Idol star is smitten with her girlfriend Renee. (Image: Supplied)
While the couple are 
taking things step by step, 
the excitement of new love 
has taken over, with Renee 
now practically living with Casey in her inner-city Melbourne apartment!
In December, Casey 
told Woman's Day she was nervously gearing up to help Renee's family cook up a huge Christmas feast.
"I'm spending 
my day with her family... I'm not nervous at all," she joked 
of the pair's festive plans.
Match made in heaven: The couple are well suited. (Image: Supplied)
Finding love has been a dream come true for Casey, after she was infamously catfished in 2004 by her best friend Olga, who conned her into a six-year relationship with a non-existent man named Campbell.
While Casey identified 
as straight at the time, she admitted to sleeping with 
Olga after she was coerced 
into it by "Campbell".

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