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What Carrie Bickmore really wears under The Project desk

Just when we thought we couldn't love her any more, the host reveals her less-than-professional pants.

She always looks perfectly polished sat at The Project desk, so it’s somewhat reassuring to find that Carrie Bickmore is secretly just like us!
The TV host showed that, while everything above the desk looks sleek, it’s a different story underneath!
On Tuesday night’s show, the panel were discussing a news story about a man who described yoga pants as "tacky."
Carrie, however, disagreed and the 35-year-old revealed that she’s “glamour upstairs, casual downstairs” when she lifted her leg up to reveal gym attire underneath her stylish blue dress.
“I have my active wear on right now,” she proudly confessed of her stretchy pants and runners. “I’d like us to appreciate my flexibility... My dancing days," she laughed as she pulled up her leg to unveil her casual attire.
The beloved host is notoriously laid-back about her appearance and down-to-earth attitude.
After switching her hair colour from blonde to brunette in August, she recently admitted that her family aren’t big fans of the new look.
Carrie recently went from blonde to brunette... and not everyone is impressed!
“Oh, Nan doesn't like my hair,” she told her co-hosts Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Tom Ballard earlier this week.
“She had watched TV for two weeks (after I got it done) and thought I'd gone on holiday and that they found a girl with different-coloured hair that sounded like me to fill in for me.”
Her nine year-old son Oliver is also wary about the new 'do. “He keeps looking at me and saying, 'When is the old mummy coming back?” The Gold Logie winner recently shared.
Carrie, you can rock your beautiful brunette hair and trackies around us any day!

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