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New mum Carrie Bickmore returns to The Project in style

''Well this is weird, but strangely familiar!''

By Alex Lilly
The last time Carrie Bickmore was sitting behind the Project desk, she was preparing to welcome her daughter Adelaide into the world.
But on Monday night, the beloved TV personality returned to the set and took her seat on the news panel show alongside co-hosts Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Steve Price.
In a short but sweet Instagram video, Carrie told the camera, "Well this is weird, but strangely familiar," before panning to her co-hosts as they prepared themselves for the live taping.
And the Project cast weren't the only ones who missed her. Carrie was inundated with messages welcoming her back from her maternity leave.
One of the sweetest messages of congratulations came from her Project guest host Fifi Box, who watched her friend from the comfort of her living room.
"So good to have this glamour back on the tele!" Fifi captioned her Instagram story snap of Carrie on her TV screen.
Fifi and Carrie's power friendship makes us happier every time they (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)
Dr Chris Brown also gave an Instagram shout-out to Carrie via his Instagram stories.
Captioning a screenshot of the Project host sitting behind the desk, he captioned it "Nice to have you back @bickmorecarrie," before cheekily drawing our attention to the sheets of paper in front of Carrie and calling it "quality note management."
Former Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown poked fun at the Project host and her "quality note management." (Image: Instagram @drchrisbrown)
Chatting to her co-stars, Carrie admitted that the transition from two to three children was a challenge, despite what Peter Helliar had told her.
"It's been full on, being back at work is easy," she confessed on Monday night.
Carrie also added that there had been some struggles with her daughter Adelaide, who suffered from really bad reflux, but that things are all sorted now.
"When she's on my lap she's in heaven," the mum-of-three revealed.
But Carrie wasn't the only member of her family in the studio.
She also revealed that she brought her 11 year-old son Ollie to the show's taping, seeing as he's on school holidays.
WATCH: Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar at the TV WEEK Logie Awards 2019. Post continues after video...
Carrie previously told the Sydney Morning Herald that she had mixed emotions about coming back to work and that she enjoyed being able to spend time with her kids after school and at dinner time for the past eight months.
"My children are all really varying ages: I have a son who's about to start high school [Ollie], a four-year-old [Evie] and a six-month-old baby, so their needs are very different," she told the publication.
"I think it's going to be a massive adjustment for me heading back to work. I'll have a little pain in my tummy, but that's the reality of working when you're a parent ... I don't know if you ever feel quite content."

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