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Carrie Bickmore's hilarious story of how she lost her Order of Australia medal

But don't worry, she got it back!

By Alex Lilly
As one of Australia's most beloved TV and radio personalities, we were over the moon when we learned that Carrie Bickmore was to receive the Order of Australia Medal for her service to the broadcast media and brain cancer awareness.
But after sharing her story of what happened on the day, we think we love The Project host even more, especially when she admitted that she misplaced her medal for a heart-stopping 30 minutes.
Carrie shared six photos from her "special day" at Victoria's Government House, revealing she also "met some incredible Australians" as she waited to receive her medal.
"What a special day. Met some incredible Australians while waiting to receive my award. Feel so honoured. #OrderOfAustralia," the mum-of-three wrote on Instagram.
Not only did she have her eldest son Ollie, 12, and partner Chris Walker by her side, but Carrie's parents were also in attendance.
But Carrie experienced a brief moment of panic when Carrie's medal fell off and was momentarily lost.
Carrie Bickmore received the Order of Australia Medal for her service to the broadcast media and to brain cancer awareness. (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
Congratulations Carrie! (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
"Will try and forget the 30 mins where I lost my new medal 😩- went for coffee with my family after and discovered my medal had fallen off! Then in a panic had to look under chairs, cars, along gutters until I drove back to Government House and a lovely lady ran up to me to say they found it in the carpark 🤦‍♀️ the pin must have come undone. Never been so relieved.🙏...this one is going straight to the poolroom 😊," she finished.
Amidst the many messages of congratulations, Carrie also received messages of support from others who'd experienced the same problem.
"You're a changer, you're changing things! You're making life better for so many people! You deserve 100 medals! And 100 secure pins!" joked Zoe Foster-Blake in the comments.
Another fan commented: "So well deserved Carrie and I feel your pain after losing my jewelry on Sunday only to walk literally over it on Monday morning in the car park."
Looking sharp: Carrie smiles with her eldest son Ollie. (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
And mum and dad couldn't miss out on a day like this! (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
For anyone wanting their faith in love restored, Chris Walker's tribute to his partner will warm your heart.
Carrie's other half shared three photos from the special day congratulating her on her huge honour, one of which was the same photo Carrie shared of the two of them and another a selfie of himself and Ollie watching proudly from the audience.
The Project host also smiled for a snap with her partner Chris. (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
"One superwoman and two proud boys! Congrats @bickmorecarrie on your #OAM!" he wrote.
"You've accomplished so much at the tender age of (redacted). Of all the OAM recipients today you were easily my favourite, even accounting for Eric Bana and the young science geek who built what I assume was a sentient robot. Thank you for being the best at tv, the best at radio, the best at trying to beat brain cancer and the best at being there for me and the kids. Congratulations ❤️"".
Carrie's boys watched proudly from the audience. (Image: Instagram @walkschris21)
Aside from her broadcast media career, Carrie was also celebrated for her Beanies 4 Brain Cancer charity that was established after the death of her husband Greg in 2010.
Taking to the stage when she won her Gold Logie in 2015, Carrie donned a beanie in honour of Greg, who frequently wore them during his cancer journey.
"I want to get the nation talking about brain cancer," she stated in her speech.
"It receives next to no funding, which is ludicrous, because without funding more people are going to die and as I just said eight out of ten people will die from this disease."
Watch her touching speech below.

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