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Carrie Bickmore stuns with a cheeky comment about her personal grooming habits

Well, this is awkward!

Carrie Bickmore has left her colleagues blushing after making a very risque (and very personal!) confession live on-air.
During a chat with Lisa Wilkinson on Wednesday night's episode of The Project, the bubbly blonde let slip just a little too much detail about her personal grooming habits.
Lisa, who is currently in the UK covering the upcoming royal wedding, inadvertently brought the topic into play while detailing the many souvenirs available to royal enthusiasts.
"The merch on the ground here is unbelievable, you guys haven't actually told me what you want yet," Lisa told the panel back in Australia, before revealing what she'd picked out for Carrie.
"I'm getting you that fabulous one-piece with Harry and his beard."
Carrie, 37, responded: "Yeah, that will be the first time I've had hair down there in a while!"
The weird and wacky swimmers in question!
The racy comment left co-host Waleed Aly visibly gobsmacked, but only seemed to spur on Peter Helliar.
"I do have hair down there," the funnyman confessed.
Carrie's surprising comments left her co-host Waleed blushing!
Taking to Instagram, the media personality uploaded a shot of her side of the bed featuring everything from shoes to dirty clothes and discarded shopping bags.
She captioned the down-to-earth pic: "My side of the bed 🙈 Been a big week!!! Time to clean up for the week ahead. I promise it's not always this messy 😜"

Carrie's followers were quick to comment on the chaotic snap, with many applauding the mother-of-two for her honesty.
"Thank you for posting this ❤️ you've made me feel normal!" one commenter wrote, while another added: "Love it Carrie.. the real world 👌"
A third noted: "Love this! Looks like mine. We can't do it all! Work, be a Mum, live in a picture perfect house, cook dinner, do lunches etc etc...Keep up your amazing work, you are so relatable and it makes us all feel great knowing we are all in this together!"
What else can we say? All hail Queen Carrie!