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EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Bickmore reveals the testing moment nobody saw after she won her Gold Logie

We were all crying.

By TV Week team
When Carrie Bickmore won her Gold Logie in 2015, Australia - and the world - watched in awe.
As she took to the stage wearing a blue beanie atop her head, the beautiful TV host made an impression no one will forget as she used the opportunity to speak out in support of brain cancer research, which her former husband Greg Lang passed away from in 2010.
Now, the brave and head-strong 39-year-old opens up about that defining on-stage moment to TV WEEK.
TV WEEK: It might go without saying that your Gold Logie win was your best Logies moment, but when you look back on each year you have attended, what are the moments that come back as highlights?
Carrie: Obviously winning Gold was one of the most incredible moments of my life and what we have been able to do for Brain Cancer in the years to follow is something I am even more proud of.
But some of my favourite moments have definitely been off stage.
I remember after I won Gold having to go do the media commitments in a back room and my partner Chris went upstairs and grabbed my daughter Evie who was six weeks old and when I was waiting for the lift to open to go up to our room, he came out with Evie in his arms and I started bawling.
And then one of my oldest friends from Perth who worked in media and had come over for the Logies walked up and surprised me and she got to meet Evie and we were all crying and laughing. It was a beautiful moment.
Other less emotional moments include being stuck in a toilet cubicle with a lady who had to hold my dress up so I could pee.
Carrie Bickmore famously stepped up on stage in a beanie as she spoke in support of brain cancer research.
You have attended many Logies, but do you remember watching them growing up? Do you have memories of stars you liked seeing take out the awards?
Before working in TV I always loved watching Rove win and remember thinking how weird it was to then be at the Logies years later sitting next to him as he won Gold and then for me to win best newcomer for working on his show just made the whole thing more surreal.
Carrie has been a long-time fan of the Logies.
What is it like preparing for the night when you have little ones to sort out before stepping onto the glitz and glamour of the red carpet?
When the babies are young it's hard, because there really is no time for any of the fun prep stuff, you just get hair and make-up done a few hours before, put on a dress, hope you don't get spewed on (by the baby) and race to the event.
It usually means you have to race home straight after the event too and don't get to hang at the after party, which is my favourite bit.
But as the kids get older I have found Logies weekend to be one of my favourite, as we try and catch up with friends from the industry who live interstate who we never see.
We grab dinner the night before and then the day of the Logies we just hang at the hotel, which is always a treat to have a night or two away from the kids!

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