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Roxy Jacenko, Carrie Bickmore and Kate Ritchie share sweet parenting confessions as school returns

Ah… the ups and downs of parenting.

By Faye Couros
Aussie stars Carrie Bickmore, Kate Ritchie and Roxy Jacenko have shared their heartwarming parenting moments as they say goodbye to the holidays and send their children back to school.
This bittersweet moment rings true to all the parents around Australia, who will be missing having a house full of laughter as their children go back to the books.
Carrie in her glam. Instagram
The Project host Carrie Bickmore posted a picture of herself post glam session with the caption, "Back in the makeup chair with @makeupbylorie_ and @carliechristie and a fresh colour by @marieuva. Thanks, ladies 🙏💋.
"It's always weird after school holidays to sit and have a coffee in silence 🤣 #missthekidsalready," Carrie confessed of her blissed-out alone time.
Carrie isn't the only one who was missing her children a mere few hours after sending them back to school.
PR juggernaut Roxy Jacenko, who is currently in Auckland, New Zealand for a work trip, was also feeling a little sad at missing the milestone.
Roxy shared a picture of her son Hunter and daughter Pixie in their school uniforms, which is the standard image on most mum's phones before their children's first day back.
"First day back of Term 2- missing you and it's only been 12 hours!! See you tonight @pixiecurtis @huntercurtis14 ❤️," she captioned the snap.
Fans were all over how cute the two kids look in their uniforms and one person commented, "Awwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ both such cuties @roxyjacenko," and another posted, "Oh they're so cute 😍have a good first day back ❤."
Roxy's children posing for their back to school photos. Instagram
Finally, radio host and former Home And Away star Kate Ritchie posted a more reflective picture of her daughter, Mae with the caption, "Til next time school holidays.. ♥️🌊♥️🌊♥️ #six."
Kate's fans shared their own thoughts on the end of school holidays in the post's comment section, with one person reflecting, "Such precious days, they always go too fast ♥️✨," and another commenting, "Same here. Daughter 9 today. 10 weeks and counting. We live for holidays! Xx."
Kate's daughter Mae. Instagram
With term two commencing this week, it will be around another ten weeks until the next holidays, but sure enough, Carrie, Kate and Roxy will be sharing snaps from future school breaks in no time.