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Carrie Bickmore breaks down as she talks about late husband Greg

'It's probably the greatest thing we ever did together.'

By Faye James
In an emotionally charged interview with Anh Do on his show Anh's Brush with Fame, The Project's Carrie Bickmore broke down in tears as she talked about her late husband Greg Lange and their son Ollie, now 10.
"It's probably the greatest thing we ever did together," Carrie said tearfully.

"He's a very... he's a gorgeous boy and he's so much like him [Greg] in so many ways," Carrie continued.
"Even his... you know... it sounds so weird but often I'll see him in the shower, the back of his body, and he's just like... his frame is just a miniature version of Greg. They're very similar, very similar," she added.
Carrie's late husband Greg with their son Ollie, now 10.
The pregnant mother-of-two also spoke about how the arrival of their son helped them get through Greg's illness.
"It was a really... it was great. It was a great thing for both of us to have him and to have that focus," Carrie stated.
Ollie was born in 2007 and three years later, Greg tragically passed away after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2001.
"It just completely threw everything we knew, everything we had planned, everything we thought, it just threw everything on its head. It was the start of an incredibly hard journey," Carrie confessed to Anh.
Since Greg's death, Carrie has launched the Beanies 4 Brain Cancer fund to help raise money for the disease.

Carrie then met Chris Walker, who she married and had her first daughter Evie who is now three, and this year she announced her third pregnancy.
On her radio show Carrie & Tommy, she revealed her first trimester has not been all smooth sailing.
"Until this week, I felt so sick - 24 hours a day, like I mean so sick," she to her radio co-host Tommy Little.
"I didn't even think I had the energy to work out... to even get my head around what was happening."
However, she admits to being on the improve now. "I'm feeling 50 per cent better, which weirdly feels like completely better."
The full episode of Carrie Bickmore on Anh's Brush with Fame airs on the ABC on Wednesday at 8:30pm

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