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Carrie Bickmore’s daughters Evie and Adelaide just raided her makeup bag and the results are hilarious

The girls look fabulous.

By Faye Couros
Everyone woman remembers when they were a little girl watching their mum put on makeup.
They always seemed so sophisticated and glamorous as they painted their face with an array of colours.
Most of us patiently watched and fantasised about growing up to be just like your gorgeous mum transforming in front of her vanity.
Now, Carrie Bickmore's daughters Adelaide and Evie have lived out every young girl's dream of getting a look inside their mum's beauty bag.
The Project host took the results of their shenanigans to her Instagram, sharing after pictures of her daughters' attempts to make over their faces.
The first image is of Carrie looking shocked at the camera with a slab of foundation on her forehead and pink lipstick which travelled well above her upper lip.
The following pictures of Addie and Evie show the girls makeup artistry on their own faces, including overlined lipstick and orange blush circling their cheeks and noses.
Carrie captioned the post, "We are this point of lockdown boredom. Makeup bag raided by Evie and Addie 🥰 they didn't do too bad a job!."
The girls may have a lot to learn about makeup, but they will probably pick up a thing or two watching the makeup artists who attend to their mum before The Project.
Fans took to the comment section to gush over the unadulterated fun.

One wrote, "Gotta have fun. Very important. 👍👍👍👏👏👏," and another commented, "Omg they are just so cute ❤️."
The sweet mother-daughter fun isn't the first time Carrie has shared her relatable parenting moments.
In April, she shared her back-to-school woes when her son Ollie told her last-minute that his uniform button was missing.
The 40-year-old posted a picture of herself holding up the top button of his school shirt.
In the caption, she shared the story behind the post.
"SUNDAY," she began.
"ME 'Ollie have you got everything organised for school next week? Get your uniform out and check it's clean and that it still fits so we don't have to rush and panic the morning school goes back,'" she recalled.
A selfie of Carrie with her daughters. Instagram
"OLLIE 'Yep it's all good.' TUESDAY 7.45am (while wrangling 3 children). OLLIE 'Mum my school shirt is missing a button can you sew it on?'"
"7.46. ME. Sews button."
With three kids in the Bickmore household, there is clearly never a dull moment, and we bet they wouldn't have it any other way.

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