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Channel Nine's Carols By Candlelight stars tell Woman’s Day how they’re spending Christmas

Nine’s Carols By Candlelight stars tell Woman’s Day how they’ll be spending the festive season this year.

By Wade Sellers
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
And while 2020 has certainly changed the way we will be gathering and celebrating the festive cheer this time around, the stars of Channel Nine's Vision Australia Carols By Candlelight are still determined to bring the Christmas magic and spirit into Australian households.
Host David Campbell, 47, tells Woman's Day it will be one we're most likely to never forget.
Host of Carols by Candlelight David Campbell reveals this years' show will be one we're unlikely to ever forget. (Image: Channel Nine)
"I think it will be a once-in-a-generation carols," says David.
"And one that hopefully we never see again but it will symbolise all that's happened this year and it'll be a really powerful and beautiful evening."
While he's preparing for an extraordinary carols, his own Christmas plans are a little more low-key.
"We're keeping it very simple this year," says the Today Extra host.
"I won't be checking the news or any socials, I'll just be spending time looking at my family and knowing we have finally gotten through what's been a really challenging year."
He added that him and his wife, Lisa, and their three kids, Leo, 10, and five-year-old twins Billy and Betty, will be keeping it local and staying within NSW this Christmas. (Image: Instagram)
Even though their plans are small, his children – Leo, 10, and five-year-old twins Billy and Betty – have substantial Christmas wish lists!
"Betty would love an electric drum kit, I have no idea why. She's also asked for a chihuahua, which she won't be getting!" he laughs.
"Billy and Leo both really want a Darksaber. Most of their requests are Star Wars themed."
And it seems the Barnes family's eyes are just as big as their bellies!
"It's always a very big Christmas feast with the Barneses," says David.
"There'll be a vegan meatloaf for [wife] Lisa and I, and lots of salads. I'll also be trying to get the kids to eat anything other than pudding – they always go straight for the pudding and custard! But mainly, we'll be eating as much as we want."

Casey Donovan: 'I'm spending it with my love'

The 32-year-old Australian Idol alum says her Christmas this year will be entirely different to usual.
"Now that I live in a new city [Melbourne] and am seeing someone, I'm spending my day with her family," she reveals.
"I'm not nervous at all… no pressure," she laughs.
"I know we're in charge of the prawns and I did hear there would be a pig on the spit, so I think it might be a bit of a spread!"
Casey adds she's looking forward to her carols performance this year as it will help to raise awareness of a charity close to her heart.
"To be able to get up on stage and raise money for people who are blind or have low vision is such a special gift," she says.
Casey reveals she'll be spending her Christmas in a new city and with a new love! (Image: Getty)

Chris Sebastian: 'We have a spreadsheet for all the food!'

After winning The Voice and his wife Tash giving birth to their first child, Ava, in March, Chris Sebastian, 32, is celebrating big this year.
"We have an enormous Christmas planned – everyone's flying home to Adelaide," he says.
"It's so big we have a spreadsheet for who's cooking what! Every brother is cooking something, and my mum and dad are cooking too. We have a traditional turkey roast but there's also a curry, ribs, fried noodles, salads, a bunch of fresh seafood and a weirdly large number of desserts! It's one of the highlights for me."
The Voice winner reveals his huge festive fest he shares with his family. (Image: Instagram)

Anthony Callea & Tim Campbell: 'Our big fat Italian Christmas'

While the showbiz couple are sad they won't be throwing their annual carols afterparty this year, Anthony, 38 and Tim, 45, are looking forward to a huge Italian Christmas feast.
"It'll most likely be eight days worth of food in one dinner," says Tim.
"It'll be antipasto, homemade pasta, meatballs and chicken, then tiramisu for dessert. Italians don't do food in halves," he adds, alluding to the annual "Christmas pot belly" tradition!
The boys are looking forward to keeping the carol heritage alive, despite this year's audience watching from home.
Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight airs on Christmas Eve from 8pm on Nine.
While the showbiz couple are sad they won't be throwing their annual carols afterparty this year, Anthony, 38 and Tim, 45, are looking forward to a huge Italian Christmas feast. Getty

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